Kathy (Silver Spring, MD) wrote:
I first came to Physical & Massage Therapy Associates in February 2007 not knowing the life-changing healing experience that I would encounter as a Multiple Sclerosis patient.
At onset of MS in March 2006, the MRI showed brain lesions that were unusually large. The doctors suggested a brain biopsy to rule out lymphoma or metastic cancer. The biopsy confirmed multiple sclerosis, which left me partially paralyzed and my right leg was without neurological response.

I learned to walk again at the National Rehabilitation Hospital and, after six continuous months in hospitals, ICUs, and sub-acute rehabilitation facilities, I went home. However, I had been treated with so much medication, my digestive system malfunctioned and I rapidly lost 45 pounds, including the muscle mass I had to gain. I started my second rehabilitative therapy at size zero.

I arrived at Physical and Massage Therapy Associates in February 2007 using a walker, but still spent half the day in a wheelchair. PMTA tailors treatment to the individual needs of the client and our immediate goal was to strengthen my muscles, improve balance, coordination, endurance, and correct my gait.

I have worked with five therapists over a two-year period using a variety of techniques: muscle strengthening with leg and arm weights; Pilates for core muscles; balance work with therapy ball and balloon volleyball; gait work designed to perfect a natural and safe walk; massage to stimulate and relieve trigger points; and manual work for my right foot that was damaged by the MS onset.
Regular evaluations adjust my treatment as my condition changes. Claudette adjusts appointments to accommodate clients’ schedules and needs. If my body develops trouble spots, then therapists work with me to target exercises, and suggest alternative therapies. Therapists have helped design a home workout program with safe and effective exercises to keep my body toned on off-days. PMTA always provides a professional and cheerful environment that helps the client relax and achieve optimal results.

By Autumn 2007, I no longer used a wheelchair and I walked with a cane. I began swimming for the first time since the onset of MS, and in December 2007, I passed my driving rehabilitation without medical pre-condition. In Spring of 2008, I began walking without a cane and continue to do so today. If someone had told me in 2006 when I barely could stand between parallel bars in front of my wheelchair that two years later I would walk without aid and drive, I could not have visualized such a wondrous future.
Now I dance, attend an all-day yoga retreat without others guessing I have MS, and the greatest joy -- I simply walk. Sometimes I climb seven flights of stairs in my apartment building just because it is possible. Physical and Massage Therapy Associates not only have provided the best in physical therapy for two years, they have done so with genuine caring and good cheer. They permitted me to walk away from the wheelchair against all odds and keep walking on life's celebratory journey.

Pat (Bethesda, MD) wrote:

I have been to many physical therapy offices and I was just amazed at what I got at PMTA versus all the others. The various therapists are really different from each other and one can get all kinds of help, many more modes of therapy and massage than elsewhere. You are treated according to how you feel that day and what is needed to relieve that (as well as any underlying conditions). Most unusual was that you have the therapist's full attention for the whole hour. They don't give you 10 minutes and then send you out to do exercises by yourself in the next room. It's hands-on for most, if not all of your hour.

The people are all first-rate in their respect for clients and their willingness to accommodate them. Claudette Bullen works very hard to see that you get an appointment when you need it. They've put their resources into service instead of fancy overhead. It's a very pleasant experience all around and you know that they care about you.

There is always meter parking (much cheaper than a public lot) and it is located at the Tenleytown subway and bus stations, so getting there is a breeze.
I can't recommend this group highly enough.

Lynne (Washington, DC) wrote:

Rarely does someone meet an individual in the medical field who is 100 percent committed from the right place -- caring about people first and return on investment second. The core values that the owner of PMTA espouses result in a staff of professionals who are fully supported so they can focus on the patients, not paperwork and other distractions.

I am a patient who regularly refers people to PMTA because they're looking for the special magic and results that PMTA strives for and delivers. PMTA cares first and foremost about the patient, not the monetary return and I will continue to refer people who need well-trained and caring medical professionals.


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